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Aqua Derm Facial

Aquaderm facial is an advanced beauty therapy that uses patented technology to address different skin concerns through a 3 step process; cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration

Hydra facial

Hydra facial is a skincare facial available in premium salons like Le beaute. This treatment includes exfoliation paired with hydrating serums. So it is also called hydradermabrasion

Lip Lightening

When your body produces less melanin, it results in a lighter skin tone. Similarly, more melanin creates a darker skin tone. So, if you are dealing with hyperpigmentation on the lips, it means your body is producing more melanin in that area. Hyperpigmentation causes patches on your skin to become darker than the skin around them. There can be various reasons for dark lips and Le Beaute is here to solve all these issues.

Under Eye Treatment

Dark circles are a common condition that worries both men and women equally. Under-eye bags and puffiness make it worse.

Golden Steel Plate
Le Beaute 


We house a wide range of clean ups and facial services designed to suit individual needs and requirements for we believe each skin type is unique. Choose from a range of facial care that is essential to keep your skin looking smooth, healthy and glowing.

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