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Why do all types of skin need cleansing?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Cleansing is important for all types of skin whether you are tackling acne, redness, or even an anti-aging program. If you are using potent actives like retinoid, azelaic acid, etc. contained products, you need to be able to counterbalance that activity with a gentle support system that doesn’t overly deplete or dry out the skin. So choosing the right cleanser needs expert advice. Le Beaute has an on-floor expert consultation for your daily skincare techniques and skincare products for skin protection.

There is undoubtedly a psychological benefit in cleaning your face. It feels good, especially in the mornings but the priorities are lifting off and solubilizing grime, dirt, dead skin cells, oil, your makeup, and sunscreen. Cleansing has its downsides also because it depletes the skin barrier, it leaches away some of the lipids, and the natural moisturizing factor that forms the part of the barrier that really helps the skin maintain its resilience, flexibility and hang onto the water.

So when you deplete the skin barrier with cleansing, you tend to leave the skin a little on the dry side. It is important to reduce the skin’s tendency for transepidermal water loss as we enter into cooler months where low humidity in the outside air and central heating indoors can cause the skin to lose even more water. The key is to choose a cleanser with gentle moisturizing syndics, so its synthetic surfactants are naturally closer to the skin’s natural pH. If they can be enriched with lipids so that they are replenishing the skin barrier. Whilst cleansing even better. At the same time, we actively want to avoid harsh scrubs and anything that contains denatured alcohol or drying alcohol which will tend to steal those precious water molecules away from the skin surface as they evaporate.

Ultimately gentle cleansing maintains the skin’s barrier and natures a happy healthy microbiome. Come to Le Beaute and find the best skin care products and skin consultation from free expert consultation and feel the changes within one week.

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