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Men's Skin & Body Care

Manicures & Pedicures


Classic Manicure/ Classic Pedicure

Keep your hands and feet healthy and supple with this set of treatment on a regular basis of every 20 days. The cleansing of nails this frequent keeps it away from any sort of fungal infections and helps maintain softer, younger looking skin.

De-Tan Manicure/ De-Tan Pedicure

Excessive exposure to sun and other environmental pollution can result in tanning of arms and feet. With this manicure/pedicure rejuvenate and repair the damages to your skin and revive its healthy state.

Luxury Manicure/ Luxury Pedicure

With increased blood circulation thorugh extensive massage techniques, besides being a stress buster, also helps in restoring the skins natural softness and suppleness, combined with de-tanning properties and dead skin removal results in healthy looking hands and feet whose results lasts longer.

Aching Hand & Foot Treatment

Relieve tired, aching hands, feet and lower legs with this wonderfully relaxing treatment.

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