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Pre-wedding Rituals


Every Groom deserves to be pampered before their D-Day and Le Beaute’s Pre-wedding package does exactly the same.

The Le Beaute pre-wedding range of services offer more of an exclusive and tailor-made service package that would suit each client’s specific needs before their Big Day.

We at Le Beaute believe that each client and their needs are unique and so they should get a chance to customise their service accordingly. Ideally, its suggested to get started on your pre-bridals especially the facials and hair care treatments three months prior to your Big Day , but for those who have very less time left-NOT TO WORRY – as Le Beaute also offers an “Express Pre-Bridal Care” that would comprise of your custom services scheduled just 4 days prior to your Big Day for a picture perfect wedding! It’s never too late with Le Beaute!!!

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